Keynote speaker at Africa Works! 2024, Africa’s green journey

The premier Africa-focused business conference in the Benelux Africa Works! 2024 highlighted opportunities in circular food production, renewable energy, and sustainable agro-logistics. Our CEO, Lara van Druten, delivered a keynote that set the stage for a day of insightful discussions and new connections. The event was held at the KIT Royal Tropical Institute with a theme on ‘Africa’s Green Realisation/Made in Africa.’

Keynote on food waste in Africa by Lara van Druten

Lara as keynote speaker (Photographer: Sabine van Nistelrooij)

Lara’s keynote was a highlight of the event, emphasizing the transformative potential of valorized food waste streams. She shared insights from The Waste Transformers’ work in on-site food waste valorization in Freetown Sierra Leone, demonstrating how innovative decentralized approaches can convert unavoidable food waste into clean energy and natural fertilizers. The message resonated with the theme of the event, highlighting the importance of local solutions in driving environmental and economic change.

The participation of The Waste Transformers at Africa Works! 2024 underscored our commitment to driving sustainable change. By showcasing our innovative technology for valorizing food waste, we demonstrated the real-world applications of circular economy principles. The positive feedback from attendees reaffirmed the importance of our work and the potential for broader impact through collaborative efforts.

About the event

Africa Works! 2024 featured world-class speakers, high-quality workshops, insightful country-focus sessions, and networking. Experts from the Dutch and African private sectors discussed strategies for advancing green industrialization, from innovative agricultural practices to renewable energy projects. The event also offered ample networking opportunities, enabling attendees to connect, exchange ideas, and explore collaborations. These interactions are expected to pave the way for future projects that align with sustainability and local development principles.

Africa Works! 2024 was made possible by the Netherlands-African Business Council (NABC) in collaboration with key partners such as TNO, Wageningen University & Research, and IDH. Their support ensured a comprehensive and impactful event addressing critical aspects of Africa’s green industrialization journey.

About The Waste Transformers: The Waste Transformers is a Dutch cleantech pioneer, providing on-site innovative technologies to transform unavoidable food waste into sustainable energy and natural fertilizers, enabling local positive change. Their on-site biodigesters empower businesses to adopt sustainable practices, reduce their environmental footprint, and contribute to a circular economy through their own food waste transformation.

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