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Amsterdam, Netherlands, 30 June, 2024

We are excited to introduce five exceptional professionals joining The Waste Transformers family, each bringing unique skills and a passion for innovation and sustainability. 

Pieter-Willem Lips – Commercial Director 

With a strong commercial background from ABN AMRO Bank and extensive experience in the energy transition and circular economy, Pieter-Willem is set to lead our commercial strategy and establish long-term client partnerships. 

Paula Rivas – Bioprocess Engineer 

Joining our Research and Development team, Paula Rivas brings a robust educational background and a passion for sustainability. As a Bioprocess Engineer, she will focus on designing, implementing, and improving processes around our modular biodigesters, optimizing biogas and natural fertilizer production. 

Paula Bergamini – Project Developer 

We are delighted to have Paula Bergamini join our Project Management Team as a Project Developer. With rich experience in Engineering Project Management and Industrial Design from Brazil and Germany, Paula is poised to drive impactful on-site food waste valorization projects. 

Sacha Drenth – Project Engineer

Sacha Drenth is a great addition to our engineering team, bringing extensive experience in product development and testing. As part of the installation and commission team, Sacha will ensure our Waste Transformers are effectively placed on-site, helping clients extract value from their food waste streams. 

Yan Wong – Digital Communications Intern

Yan Wong is joining our Marketing team as a Digital Communications Intern. Yan will leverage her academic background in understanding human behaviour to develop digital marketing strategies, promoting sustainability and innovation in on-site food waste management. 

Join us in welcoming these talented individuals to The Waste Transformers team. We are excited about the new perspectives and expertise they bring, and we look forward to achieving great things together. 

About The Waste Transformers

The Waste Transformers is a Dutch company that specializes in the design and installation of small-scale biodigesters that are placed at organizations that produce food waste. Food waste is converted into clean energy that organizations can use themselves, generated by these modular biodigesters. The natural fertilizers from food waste are a valuable and sustainable alternative to polluting chemical fertilizers. The biodigesters are produced in Velsen-Noord. The company is active internationally, within Europe, Africa, South America and the Middle East.

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