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What kind of Waste Transformer are you?

Waste Producer?

Are you a small scale waste producer (between 600 - 3 tons / day) looking to derive value from your waste?

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If you produce between 600 kg and 3 000 kgs of waste per day, and would like to know how to transform this burden into a driver of positive change? Contact us.

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Are you an entrepeneur wanting to run a new business?

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We will let you know how to qualify for our Fund that allows local entrepreneurs to clean up their neighbourhood whilst generating sufficient income for their families.

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Agent or distributor?

Are you an agent or distributor wanting to sell our products in your own country?

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Get in touch and let us know about your ability to provide the sales muscle and operational support our clients require.

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Are you an investor wanting to put your money to work?

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We offer various options to ensure your investment has both impact and return. Contact us.

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