The Amsterdam Installation

In the heart of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, at the historic site of the Westergasfabriek, our first Waste Transformer converted the food waste from ten restaurants, two theatres, a micro-brewery and a number of creative industries. This former gas coal plant and the surrounding area has been transformed into a buzzing, healthy park. Unfortunately, this buzz comes with a downside, food waste. We placed here our first prototype, we were able to collect data on input and outputs, and collect learnings for the next version. After a successful fixed test period, we were ready to integrate the learnings into the new version. Check out our video about our first Waste Transformer below.
“The Westergasfabriek was once a symbol of a dirty energy past– it is now an icon of our green, clean energy future”

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Turning kitchen food waste into green electricity, fertilizer and compost. All on-site in an urban environment in Amsterdam. Combating food waste is a core driver of business profits, job creation and environmental protection.

Some of our Amsterdam partners share their stories with us

Solar energy, wind energy and local food waste energy.

Could we power our homes on the french fries remains of a couple of nights before? In Amsterdam this has become reality. The collective food waste from the Westerpark in Amsterdam is transformed into green electricity and natural fertilizer that makes the park bloom even more. Restaurants and hotels can now turn their organic trash and kitchen waste into clean energy and directly use this to power their business. It leads to a reduction in waste disposal costs and lowers the energy bill, by recycling food waste into value on-site.

In all industries your organic waste is worth a lot

You need a sustainable food waste solution?

We love to hear from you. Do you have an idea or you have food waste being wasted? Are you a commercial food business? Are your current waste management costs to high, or do you want to use biogas from food waste to lower your utility costs? New zero-waste to landfill regulation coming into force? Contact us to explore possibilities.