Business in a Box

Business in a Box combines our entrepreneurs Development Program with a standalone small scale Waste Transformer which transforms organic waste into value.

Why Business in a Box?

Emerging economies are bursting with entrepreneurship. However, the access to important resources, knowledge and funding for an entrepreneur to flourish are much harder to find. The Business in a Box program by The Waste Transformers provides local entrepreneurs will all the support and tools they need to run their own Waste Transformer as a business.

How does it work?

The selected entrepreneurs work as operator and manager and build up specific knowledge during the Development Program to manage a small scale Waste Transformer. Each entrepreneur follows our Development Program to grow as an independent entrepreneur and to work towards a reliable source of income. A small scale Waste Transformer on your site, means that waste can produce (financial) value, such as clean energy, water and compost. Each Business in a Box creates three jobs to run a site effectively.   

Is waste costing you money?

Together we can produce (financial) value out of organic waste
(and secondly you'll have a great story to share).

Professional development box

With the Business in a Box we open the power generation market in emerging economies to small businesses through training and giving access to commercial, small scale waste to energy biogas plants. The Business in a Box by The Waste Transformers is a set of shipping containers, equipped with the latest technologies to generate value from waste. We take care of the technology, maintenance and support and you take care of the organic waste.


Operating a Waste Transformer

Lungile is one of our entrepreneurs operating a local Waste Transformer together with his two partners in Johannesburg, South Africa. Lungile is an entrepreneur in the truth sense. Together with his partners they have won a number of competitions in South Africa, but he has not yet been able to turn his ideas into a business. Lungile wants to revolutionize the way we deal with waste in South Africa. We are making it possible for him to do so.

Lungile, entrepreneur in Johannesburg

Lungile shares his story why he wants to solve the waste problem in South Africa as a Waste Transformer entrepreneur. Do you become the next Lungile?

Entrepreneurship Academy

In return we provide training, mentoring, legal support, financial stability and an international network to stand stronger as a starting entrepreneur to reach success in creating value from waste. And your drive, motivation and perseverance will make you sink ór swim. The great thing is, you will not be alone and because of the Business in a Box you will not start from scratch. Together with all The Waste Transformers entrepreneurs, knowledge and successes are shared on our own online platform.

What kind of entrepreneurs are we looking for?

The selection to be a Waste Transformering entrepreneur is a competitive one! We are specifically looking for creative, go-getters, ready to build a business, with business acumen and some technical skills. Someone who is ready to build a business, who is creative, can be trusted, does not give up, has a great drive and dares to make decisions.
The Waste Transformers will help the right individuals to start and work as a Waste Transformer entrepreneur. The Business in a Box gives all the necessary support an entrepreneur needs to make their business flourish.

Someone who is ready to build a business, who is creative, can be trusted, does not give up, has a great drive and dares to make decisions.Profile of our Waste Transformers Entrepreneurs

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Do you have what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur in our Development Program? Send us an email with your ideas, professional background, your motivation and contact details. If you are shortlisted we may conduct a telephone interview with you.

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