Speeding up the realization of a circular economy together with 180 like-minded organizations

2017 has started positively. Together with 180 other organizations in the Netherlands, The Waste Transformers have signed the Raw Materials Pact (Het Grondstoffenakkoord). This Pact is focussed on achieving very real circular economies (I.e. an economy in which material flows are designed to re-enter the biosphere safely and where re-usage of materials are a guiding principle in product development). The Raw Materials Pact builds on the existing plan, presented last September 2016 by the Dutch Government to achieve a real circular economy. The signatories of this pact undertake to create concrete plans to speed up the circular economy in The Netherlands. In short: circular economies use waste as a new source of value.

Lara van Druten, founder of The Waste Transformers; ‘Our key driver is a proactive attitude and a can do mentality. The Waste Transformers are committed to leveraging waste to realize positive change”.

The Waste Transformers develop, install and operate community-based, small-scale, anaerobic digestion systems that transform waste into value.

In all industries waste is of (financial) value, especially for the frontrunners. Think of the organic waste generated from local communities, hotels, universities, food industry and airports. We can transform your burden. Inspire your own stakeholders with a conscious lifestyle, reduce your energy bills and waste collection fees and discover how to really green your communications.

Read here the full press release (in Dutch) from the Dutch government.

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