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120 Danish students inspired at Food Waste Innovation Tour

They couldn’t wait any longer. Due to international covid restrictions, the 120 students following the international track of the Aalborg Handelsskole (Aalborg Business College) in Denmark were pleased to be able to travel again for their international Innovation Tour. This sunny Tuesday was all about food waste, and more importantly what to do with food waste responsibly and why this is so important. The Waste Transformers were the right party to tell them all about. 

Sharp 9 AM two busses arrived at the Waste Transformers office. The group was welcomed by Lara, the Waste Transformers’ CEO. From there the group split into groups, all visiting different Waste Transformer sites at Prodock, and the Johan Cruijff Arena.

Presentation food waste

Roberto and Martin challenged the group of students with a quiz and an inspiring talk about food waste. The Waste Transformers’ office houses multiple other innovative sustainable companies who gave talks on their business and showed opportunities around biobased materials, seaweed and re-using soaps.

At the Johan Cruijff Arena, the group was welcomed by Mattijs and the Innovation Team of the football stadium. The Waste Transformer at the football stadium will not only transform food waste produced by the stadium but also from nearby office buildings and local food markets, supported by people with a distance to the labour market.

Soaking up all the information, participating in the quizzes and as good students show, we got questions on our business models, technology, sustainability matters and when their own campuses can place their first Waste Transformer to power the Business School with good energy (We are ready). We even received a number of students who wanted to apply for a job.

Thank you Aalborg Business College for providing these students with the ability to learn about a subject that is touching almost everyone three times a day: Food waste and how to turn it into new opportunities. We are sure these students will not put their apple core in the grey mixed waste bins anymore.

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