The Amsterdam Installation

In the heart of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, at the historic site of the Westergasfabriek, our installation converts the organic waste from ten restaurants, two theaters, a micro-brewery and a number of creative industries. This former gas coal plant and the surrounding area has been transformed into a buzzing, healthy park. Unfortunately this buzz comes with a downside, waste. The Waste Transformers have created the solution. Check out our latest video about our Amsterdam Installation below.

“The Westergasfabriek was once a symbol of a dirty energy past– it is now an icon of our green, clean energy future”

View our Amsterdam installation

Watch the video of how we convert low value waste from restaurants, into high value products, on-site in the center of Amsterdam.

Some of our Amsterdam partners share their stories with us

Run your own household on green energy

Could we power our homes on the french fries remains of a couple of nights before? In Amsterdam this has become reality. The collective organic waste from the Westerpark in Amsterdam is transformed into green energy, water and fertilizer that makes the park bloom even more. Residents around the park, and in the country, can take an energy subscription on the good vibes in the park. The Waste Transformers and partners ensure that this energy is 100% local and green.

In all industries your organic waste is worth a lot

Communities produce a lot of organic waste which can locally be centralized to generate energy, water and fertilizers for the land. Entrepreneurs can run their installation and become part of cleaning up neighborhoods, and in return getting a stable income.
Waste transformation is a highly effective way of reducing waste and creating (financial) value from waste. Inspire your guests with a conscious lifestyle and reduce your energy bills and waste collection fees. Use organic waste as a source of income and develop positive green communication for your guests.
What if organic waste is separated on the ship, and does not need to be cast away in foreign harbors? Having a Waste Transformer on the ships allows you to generate clean energy and reducing the amount of waste. Instead of dumping waste at harbors, you can distribute fertilizers extracted from the waste to countries in need.
A conscious lifestyle can be passed on to the following generations by transforming organic waste from the restaurants into energy, water and nutrients. Reduce your energy bills and minimize your waste streams and waste collection fees.
The Waste Transformer creates value from waste. Do you produce organic waste and you want to reduce your costs, but also increase your environmental impact? A Waste Transformer can be deployed in many industries. Let us help you making money, by creating positive goodwill and clean energy from your own organic waste.

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