The Freetown Installation

In Sierra Leone, The Waste Transformers have partnered with Masada Waste Management Pty Ltd in order to tackle the energy, sanitation and water issues of Freetown.

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Watch the video of how we convert low value waste into high value products on-site in Durban South Africa.

Partnership with Masada Waste Management Sierra Leone

Watch here our movie how The Waste Transformers and Masada Waste Management works towards energizing a large part of Freetown that currently lives in the dark.

The Waste Transformers and our partner Masada Waste Management, launched the project in the presence of the Dutch Minister of Trade & Development, Lilliane Ploumen, President of Sierra Leone, his excellency Ernest Bai Koroma and his full cabinet, were witness to the signing. Read the press release here.


Masada Waste Management’s CEO is former US National Football League player and winner of a NFL Super Bowl ring (with the New York Giants), Gibril Wilson. Read more about his story here


News item

Recently an incident occurred in Freetown, around contaminated food that was both heart breaking and scandalous. It also reinforced the need for The Waste Transformers solutions’ in this city. Watch the video here.

Some of our Amsterdam partners share their stories with us

In order to ensure the widespread transformation of Africa’s waste into much needed energy, water and recovered resources, the Waste Transformers has initiated an independent Fund that enables local entrepreneurs to tackle the issues head-on. Recently, The Waste Transformers partnered with three top talents, Fabian Roobeek, Urara Kamiya and Porus Jungalwalla, MBA candidates at IESE Business School in Spain, in order to model, structure and de-risk the Fund.

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Their result was entered into the “Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investment Challenge”, a competition, hosted in Hong Kong, aimed at finding the best, global, impact investment solutions for 21st century challenges. The Waste Transformers Fund was selected as one of the top three, global, impact investment solutions, for 2016.

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