Masada Waste

New agreement signed with Masada Waste Management, Sierra Leone

The Waste Transformers BV, Haarlemmermeer, Netherlands, and Masada Waste Management, Freetown, Sierra Leone, have signed an agreement in order to reduce, re-use, recycle, re-energize and upgrade the multiple waste streams of Sierra Leone. The Dutch Minister of Trade and Development, Lilliane Ploumen, together with the President of Sierra Leone, his excellency Ernest Bai Koroma and his full cabinet, were witness to the signing. 7 July, 2015

The Waste Transformers, who work with both owned and sourced technologies, are a technology broker and waste solution provider specialized in converting mixed waste streams into energy while simultaneously transforming waste into new products. The Waste Transformers are specialized in “frugal innovations with impact” i.e. a low-cost, high-impact approach to resource recovery and energy production that aims to generate energy which will power Sierra Leone’s growth while simultaneously recovering the assets in waste.

Masada Waste Management Company, supported by various local and national government bodies, noted that this is the first step towards the creation of a sustainable energy supply, combined with an integrated approach to community involvement in country-wide waste solutions. Gibril Wilson, former New York Giants footballer and now CEO Masada Waste Management: “I am delighted in cooperating with the company from Haarlemmermeer. Sierra Leone has experienced a rapid increase in energy demand in recent years while simultaneously grappling with problems that swing from Ebola to growing waste volumes and increased need for an intelligent (re)application of our natural resources. The socially inclusive, innovative approach of The Waste Transformers provides effective solutions to both challenges”.

Gibril Wilson, CEO of Masada Waste Management, “This partnership demonstrates how waste can hold the potential to serve the environment while simultaneously promoting entrepreneurship in a socially responsible way.”

Lara van Druten, Managing Director of The Waste Transformers: “This partnership demonstrates how companies can cooperate in a mutually inclusive way that generates energy for positive economic and social change. We are excited at the opportunity to transform an unused resource – waste – into new energy for Sierra Leone.”

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