Partnership agreement south africa

Partnership signed in South Africa in the presence of the Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte

The Waste Transformers, Dube TradePort and Bosch Holdings, have signed an agreement for the Installation of the first small-scale waste to energy unit at Dube TradePort in Durban, South Africa. The project will bring a game changing solution to the South African market that will stimulate entrepreneurship, promote enterprise development, provide green energy whilst simultaneously benefiting the environment. The Dutch Prime Minister Mr. Mark Rutte, together with members of the Dutch Government and local dignitaries, were witness to the signing.

Standing facing: Bruce Koloane, the South African ambassador to the Netherlands; Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the Netherlands; Balan Govender, Director Bosch Ulwazi. Seated: Mlibo Bantwini, Director Agrizone Dube TradePort; Lara van Druten, CEO The Waste Transformers.

The Waste Transformers, who work with both owned and sourced technologies, are a technology broker and waste solution provider specialized in converting mixed waste streams into energy while simultaneously transforming waste into new products. The Waste Transformers are specialized in “frugal innovations with impact” i.e. a low-cost, high-impact approach to resource recovery and energy production that aims to generate energy which will power South African’s growth while simultaneously recovering the assets in waste. Bosch is one of South Africa’s leading multidisciplinary consulting, project engineering, construction and operations management groups working through unique operating companies (Bosch Projects, Bosch Munitech, Bosch Capital, Bosch Ulwazi). Dube TradePort, is a business entity of the KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Government with the long-term vision to become the first carbon-neutral tradeport in Africa.

Partnership agreement the waste transformers

Mlibo Bantwini Director Dube Agrizone; Lara van Druten CEO The Waste Transformers; Balan Govender Managing Director Bosch Ulwazi; Butch Carr Director Renewable Energy Bosch.

Mlibo Mantwini, Director of Dube TradePort Agrizone (front left): “We are excited about this initiative that is totally aligned to our commitment to environmental responsibility and economic empowerment”.

Lara van Druten, CEO The Waste Transformers (front 2nd left): “This partnership demonstrates how companies can cooperate in a mutually inclusive way that generates energy for positive economic and social change. We are excited at the opportunity to transform an unused resource – waste – into new energy for South Africa.”

Balan Govender, Managing Director, Bosch Ulwazi (front 1st right): “This innovative approach also does the right thing: it stimulates entrepreneurship whilst assisting companies to improve their BEE scorecard.”

Butch Carr, Director of Bosch Renewable Energy (front right), “The containerized, small-scale on-site approach to transforming waste into energy holds great potential for the South African and African market. We are delighted with the partnership and are looking forward to taking this to market.”

This project is financed has been financed by a combination of The Dutch Enterprise Agency; The Energy and Environmental Partnership, Rabobank Regional Office Schiphol & Private Equity.

For more information, please contact Guillermo Schneeberger,
The Waste Transformers,

18 November 2015
Haarlemmermeer, The Netherlands

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