Winner of IKEA’s ‘What Design Can Do’ Clean Energy Challenge 2019

Ikea Foundation and What Design can Do challenges the international design community with a yearly competition for different global cities, all having their own opportunities for improvement around clean energy and sustainability issues. For each challenge a pressing societal issues is addressed as a starting point for innovative design solutions. This year the projects are focussed on tackling pressing energy issues in México City, Sao Paolo, Nairobi, Delhi and Amsterdam.

5 Cities, 5 specific problems, 20 winners.

Out of 452 submissions, 20 winners were selected. The Waste Transformers, together with FABRICations submitted their solution for the challenge on Nairobi’s Food Problem and won. Quote from WDCD “Global food supply chains are highly energy intensive, and mostly reliant on fossil fuels. Greenhouse gas emissions from the agri-food sector are over 20% of the world’s total. Rapid urbanisation is stretching Kenya’s food and agriculture systems to their limits, and Nairobi in particular is struggling to provide sustainable food and nutrition security for its residents. With a population set to reach 14 million by 2050, there will be many more mouths to feed. But the journey from farm to fork is currently not as smooth or green as it could be. From food production and distribution to refrigeration and preparation, designers can play a significant role in making sure future Nairobians are fed in a way that is good for both the human body and the planet.”

The Waste Transformers and FABRICations winner of Clean Energy Challenge 2019

The Waste Transformer is a small scale-high impact, value ‘in a box’ innovation. The modular Waste Transformer allows communities to independently transform their waste into value off-grid.  The green electricity (transformed from biogas through a CHP and solar panels) will power the installation and provide extra energy for the community. The residual heat powers a community fridge for local food storage. The remaining waste is transformed into a highly nutritious, liquid-fertiliser used to grow food for the local community, in the urban farm that folds out from the container.
At What Design Can Do they believe in the power of design and creativity to transform society. Money, governments or science can’t solve complex global issues on their own. Fresh ideas, alternative strategies and provocative thoughts are needed.

Read the application of the team here:

Curious how our installation works? Watch our short movie here.

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