The Waste Transformers back on stage @ Unreasonable Impact World Forum

What a week it has been! Our CEO, Lara van Druten joined 27 change-making entrepreneurs from across the globe in London at the Royal Institution, where they kicked off the 3rd annual Unreasonable Impact World Forum in partnership with Barclays. And it was nothing short of inspirational.

These CEOs came together to share their outlook on energy, sustainability, employment, the future of food, and how to use business to shape a brighter tomorrow. Each of them embodies the optimism, determination, and grit that it will take to bend history in the right direction.

Unreasonable The Waste Transformers

Tune in to the live stream. Lara’s pitch at Unreasonable Impact World Forum.

The Waste Transformers is a provider of small-scale waste to energy installations which generate energy from organic waste. These installations are placed on the site where the waste is produced, which is applicable in various industries such as hotels, harbours, communities, and other food waste producing markets. They transform the organic waste into green energy, recover water, and filter the valuable nutrients from the waste to be used as a natural fertilizer.



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