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The award-winning company, The Waste Transformers, has appointed Martin Rohleder in the new role of Sales Director. This appointment is the beginning of an exciting new chapter for the rapidly expanding Netherlands based, market-leader in small-scale anaerobic digestion and will allow the company to partner with more businesses to bring sustainable, on-site, solutions to tackle food waste.

Martin Rohleder joins from OLIO, the food sharing app, and brings 20+ years of international experience in commercial roles, primarily with food and drink manufacturers.

“This appointment comes at an important time for the business,” said Lara van Druten, CEO and Founder of The Waste Transformers. “Martin is passionate about sustainability and about tackling non-consumable food waste in order to protect the environment. He brings a wealth of international commercial experience and knowledge of building sustainable partnerships in new markets.

Martin Rohleder

Martin Rohleder

The Waste Transformers is a provider of small-scale waste to energy installations which generate energy from organic waste. These installations are placed on the site where the waste is produced, which is applicable in various industries such as hotels, harbours, communities, and other food waste producing markets. They transform the organic waste into green energy, recover water, and filter the valuable nutrients from the waste to be used as a natural fertilizer.

“We are currently active in the Netherlands, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Uganda and are kicking off in the Middle East. His skills will enable us to grow our partnerships with businesses internationally as we work with them to transform their food waste into sustainable and renewable resources so that they don’t end up further down the waste stream,” she added.

“In the hierarchy of food waste, The Waste Transformers plays a unique and critical role in converting food waste into renewable resources, in winning back the nutrients in the waste, and in creating the basis for new up-cycled products, thereby minimizing the impact on the environment, while at the same time supporting local communities,” Rohleder said.

“It’s a fantastic time to be joining the business as it continues to lead in transforming food waste into a force for positive impact. It’s all about closing the loop in a way that is smart, green and entrepreneurial. In this, The Waste Transformers bring the circular economy to life, in a very tangible way.”

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