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Welcome to The Waste Transformers-team Hugo!

Global food waste production is still on the rise. One-third of all food produced globally is being wasted somewhere along the process. What a waste! It’s our dream to have a Waste Transformer on every street corner of the world. This week we welcomed Hugo Hoekstra as a Senior Business Developer to strengthen our Technical Sales Team.

With a study background in mechanical engineering and 10 years experience on the business-, product-, and project side of the manufacturing industry, Hugo is a great asset to the team and to our partners who are using our technology on-site to create value out of their own food waste. “Hugo joins us at the right moment” according to Martin Rohleder, Sales Director at the Waste Transformers. “We are seeing a steady increase in the number of requests to support organisations transforming their food waste streams, and global and local regulations are put into place to divert food waste from landfills. Hugo will be of great support to our team”.

Hugo Hoekstra

Hugo Hoekstra – Senior Business Developer

Hugo lives in Amsterdam together with his wife, he manoeuvres through traffic to work on his bicycle, and when the sun is out he sails his own built boat in the canals of Amsterdam. Now, in winter you can see him ice-skating lap after lap. Welcome again Hugo, we are looking forward to turning more companies and their staff into Waste Transformers this coming year.

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