Co-powering the IKEA Haarlem store (NL) with a Waste Transformer

And we are live! Restaurants open, restaurants closed. Restaurants fully open. Restaurants partially closed. Last year sometimes felt like a traffic light. Together with Ingka Group, IKEA Haarlem store in the Netherlands, and with a lot of stamina, The Waste Transformers have placed the first Waste Transformer in Haarlem and kick-off a test at the IKEA Haarlem store. What a beauty!

It takes courage to change the system and nudge our world in a direction that is greener and cleaner.


The Waste Transformer co-powering the IKEA Haarlem store (NL).

As part of their Zero Waste strategy, Ingka Group and their IKEA Haarlem store (NL), are climbing the good mountain.

One of our Waste Transformers has been placed at the store, to test how our on-site waste to value solution, can co-power their good growth.

To the team at Ingka Group, from the team at The Waste Transformers: it has been an absolute pleasure working with you to get us this far. Onwards and upwards and thank you for daring to pioneer. We are proud to work with you guys.

Together, The Waste Transformers and Ingka Group, commissioned the Swedish Research Institute– RISE – to conduct an independent Life Cycle Analysis [LCA] of our Waste Transformer. Our on-site Waste Transformer was compared to landfilling in Russia, incineration in France and large-scale anaerobic digestion in the Netherlands. These different waste processing techniques were then assessed based on their impact on climate change, impact on eutrophication and on water. The conclusion of RISE: of all the waste processing techniques they studied, our Waste Transformer has the (smallest) environmental impact. Put differently, if you want to have the most positive effect possible on our planet: go small and start transforming on-site! We will share the infographic with the main findings soon.



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