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CNN Inside Africa featuring our Waste Transformer

From waste transformation to solar-powered imagination, there’s an entrepreneurial spirit on the rise in Sierra Leone where innovators are thinking globally while making an impact locally. CNN Inside Africa visited our Waste Transformer in Freetown. There is a lot coming up in Freetown and how they will be dealing with food waste in a proper way. 

Last month the team of CNN Inside Africa visited our Waste Transformer in Freetown, co-powering a female hospital and enabling the city to divert their food waste from landfill. Multiple direct positive effects come from our Waste Transformers running in neighbourhoods, such as clean local energy access, a way to divert polluting food waste from gutters and landfill and creating local jobs. Watch this 10-minute documentary on how we made this happen and get into contact with us to see what we can do for your city.


CNN Inside Africa


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