The Waste Transformers win Award at COP27 Egypt

COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt has come to an end. And it is clear that still a large number of entities, lobby groups and governments do have very different objectives regarding curbing global warming. With these global events where decisions are being made with huge global environmental impact, it doesn’t feel like, but we are all in the same boat, called Earth.

The Waste Transformers were invited to be present at COP27 to put the subject of food waste on the global agenda, creating awareness around this topic and to pitch the company’s projects during the Africa Grows Green Award. Coen Bakker, Marketing Manager at The Waste Transformers collected the Silver Africa Grows Green Award, organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Egypt.

During the event in the Greenzone during COP27, Coen explained to the international audience the devastating effects of food waste when not treated properly. Most of all waste going to landfill globally is food waste. When food waste rots in landfills it produces methane gas, a greenhouse gas that is almost 30 times stronger than CO2 to trap the heat in our atmosphere. These landfills are leaking into groundwater and open water causing eutrophication, killing waterbodies which are often a source for local communities.


Coen Bakker with Dr. Reem Abd EL Meguid

Businesses and communities around the world are looking for ways to reduce their negative environmental impact, by implementing solar panels for energy, creating circular economies around material usage and reduce energy usage. What is shocking is that food waste is at most of the businesses and municipalities not on the agenda. A common reason: Unawareness.


The decentralized model of The Waste Transformers allows communities and businesses, islands and hotels to deploy this on-site technology to turn their own food waste into biogas, electricity and heat. Harvesting the nutrients from the food waste, produces on-site a natural liquid fertilizer to be used locally to replace mineral-polluting fertilizers. These value stream do no only produce sustainable value, but also create financial stability by creating less dependence on suppliers for energy, waste management collection and fertilizer costs.

For all readers who are not aware of the negative impact their food waste is causing, search on the internet for food waste to landfill. Secondly, collect information within your business on how many yearly costs are being made for food waste collection and for energy usage. When costs are being made for buying mineral fertilizer, a Waste Transformer on-site might be a good solution in ticking these costly boxes.

The Waste Transformers is represented in Egypt by Seeders Capital

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