Director of Operations appointed due to rapid growth

The award-winning company, The Waste Transformers, has appointed Niels de Greef in the new role of Director of Operations. Due to the rapid growth of the company, the company is investing in upscaling its maintenance and operations organization.  

Prior to joining The Waste Transformers, Niels gained over 22 years of experience in management and director roles. During this time, he founded three companies and sold two of them. In his last role, as COO he guided his company through the growth from 20 to 70 people and expansion to four new countries.  

Director of operations appointed

Niels de Greef, Director of Operations

Niels has worked in Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America, and enjoys travelling and languages as well as outdoor sports like surfing and hiking. 

“We are delighted to have Niels join the team, “said Lara van Druten, CEO and Founder of The Waste Transformers. “Niels’ experience in scaling up organizations internationally will help our organization grow into a mature and well-run organization that creates ever more impact at our clients.” 

The Waste Transformers provides small-scale, containerized food waste to energy biodigesters that generate renewable energy from food waste. These Waste Transformers are placed on the site where the food waste is produced, which is applicable to multiple industries such as hotels, harbours, communities, and other food waste-producing organisations. This allows businesses to transform their own food waste into green energy for direct usage, and to extract the valuable nutrients from the food waste to be used as a natural fertilizer. 

The company is currently active in the Netherlands, Sierra Leone, Portugal, Ghana, Uganda, Chile and the Middle East. “Ever since I worked as an environmental consultant in the Caribbean twenty years ago, I’ve been very aware of how hard it is to create good solutions for food waste.” De Greef says. “So much potential energy goes to waste in landfills or by burning it, and so many greenhouse gases needlessly make it into our atmosphere. I am very happy to be part of this amazing growing team to bring this innovative solution to more and more countries and thereby help minimize climate change that way.” 

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