Today UN International Day of Awareness of Food Waste and Food Loss

International Day of Awareness of Food Waste and Food Loss

Today, the 29th of September is International Day of Awareness of Food Waste and Food Loss, an initiative by the United Nations to address the pressing global issue of food waste. As most of us believe, organic waste landfilled is not harmful to our environment, but when not treated properly it is more harmful than you would think.

Understanding food waste and food loss

Food waste refers to the discarding of edible food, often due to excess or spoilage, while food loss occurs during production and distribution. Shockingly, approximately one-third of all food produced globally is wasted. This waste contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, strains natural resources, and exacerbates hunger.

Sorting food waste at the source

Sorting food waste at the source is a critical step in reducing its environmental impact. When individuals, businesses, and communities segregate food waste from other non-organic waste streams, it becomes easier to recycle and convert it into valuable new products. This practice significantly decreases the amount of food waste ending up in landfills and incinerators, reducing harmful emissions, by simply sorting food waste at the source.

The Waste Transformer: A sustainable solution for businesses and communities

The Waste Transformer is a revolutionary containerized anaerobic digester that tackles food waste on-site where it is produced, such as in resorts, universities, stadiums and communities. It efficiently converts food waste into biogas, electricity, heat, and liquid natural fertilizer, to be used on the same site. This closed-loop system not only reduces food waste due to behavioural change but also generates clean energy and natural fertilizers, contributing to a more circular economy and lowering a business’ operational costs.

UN’s role in reducing food waste

The United Nations plays a pivotal role in the fight against food waste. Through initiatives like the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), SDG 12.3 to halve food waste in 2030, the UN is actively promoting responsible consumption and production. On this International Day of Awareness of Food Waste and Food Loss, let us recognize the urgency of addressing this global challenge. By sorting food waste at the source and embracing innovative solutions like the Waste Transformer, a more sustainable future can be created and ensure that food reaches those who need it most. Food waste is too valuable to waste.


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