Turning food waste into a branding opportunity at Arabian Travel Market Dubai 2024

Food waste remains a pressing yet often overlooked issue in the hospitality industry. As the rich tradition of warm hospitality in the region means that the average hotel in the Middle East can create up to  2.5kgs of food waste per night per guest. There is clearly great demand for solutions

On May 7th, 2024, our Marketing Manager, Coen Bakker, addressed this critical challenge at the Arabian Travel Market (ATM) in Dubai. He explained why the hospitality industry should embrace solutions to reduce operational costs. To use solutions that provide besides sustainable advantages, also allow tangible communication and show these advantages to guests. The Waste Transformers joined the panel together with Hyatt and Landor, where as part of the session titled “Build Your Own Brand Voice,” Coen explored the intersection of on-site food waste management and brand development within the event’s theme of “Transforming Travel Through Entrepreneurship.”

Inspiring the future of hospitality

Coen discussed about turning food waste into a branding opportunity in the hospitality industry

The session delved into the crucial issue of food waste within the hospitality sector. With sustainability increasingly important to travellers, Coen emphasized the need for hotels and travel companies to adopt effective food waste management strategies and solutions.

By valorising food waste streams on-site, hotels can not only reduce their environmental impact but also enhance their brand image, reduce costs and increase customer loyalty.

Transforming travel through innovation 

Arabian Travel Market 2024 aimed to highlight innovators reshaping the travel and tourism sector. The 4-day event served as a platform for travel professionals worldwide to seamlessly integrate innovation and entrepreneurship, paving the way for increased revenue and enhanced sustainability in the long term. It provided a golden opportunity for the global travel and tourism community to exchange ideas and collaborate in an open, dynamic environment.

We experienced a lot of interest from global hotel brands to explore our on-site modular biodigesters, to support them in reducing their scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, and to be a green employer that cares about the future”, Pieter-Willem Lips, the Commercial Director at the Waste Transformers added.

The Waste Transformers’ participation sparked insightful discussions around sustainability and food waste management in hospitality. Attendees were inspired by innovative approaches to tackling food waste and motivated to implement similar initiatives in their organizations.


About The Waste Transformers: The Waste Transformers is a Dutch cleantech pioneer, providing on-site innovative technologies to transform unavoidable food waste into sustainable energy and natural fertilizers, enabling local positive change. Their on-site biodigesters empower businesses to adopt sustainable practices, reduce their environmental footprint, and contribute to a circular economy through their own food waste transformation.

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