Cameroon the waste transformers

TWT sign an agreement with the Government of Cameroon

The Government of Cameroon has signed an agreement with The Waste Transformers BV, Haarlem, Netherlands, in order to start work on the realization of multiple waste to energy installations in the country. The Waste Transformers, a waste to energy solution provider, works with multiple technologies able to efficiently convert mixed and agricultural waste streams into energy in the form of gas or fuel. The units all use a small-scale, high-impact approach to energy production. The resulting electricity and fuels will be used to generate energy for the most important cities in Cameroon. Later, the concept will be rolled out to multiple local communities.

Rapid increase in energy demand

The Cameroonian Government, supported by the Minister of Energy, The Minister of the Environment and the Minister of Agriculture, noted that this is the first step towards the creation of a sustainable energy supply in the country, and are delighted with the cooperation with the company from The Netherlands. Cameroon has experienced a rapid increase in energy demand in recent years whilst simultaneously grappling with a growing problem around waste. The Waste to Energy technologies of The Waste Transformers provides effective solutions to both challenges.

Lowering operational expenses of waste

Lara van Druten, Managing Director of The Waste Transformers: “This project demonstrates the potential waste to energy holds for positive economic and social change. We are excited at the opportunity to transform an unused resource – waste – into new energy for Cameroon.”

In order to realize the decentralized transformations, The Waste Transformers BV will cooperate with a consortium of local and international partners that include NGO’s, The University of Buea, Cameroon, local waste companies and Tradex SA, a leading Cameroonian oil and gas firm who will use their mature networks in Cameroon for the distribution of the energy.