dube-tradeport The waste transformers

Agreement with Dube Tradeport South Africa

Dube TradePort, Durban, South Africa, has signed a Letter of Intent with The Waste Transformers BV, Haarlem, Netherlands, in order to explore the placement of a waste to energy installation at Dube TradePort in South Africa. The Waste Transformers, a waste to energy solution provider, works with multiple technologies able to efficiently convert mixed and agricultural waste streams into energy in the form of gas or fuel. The units all use a small-scale, high-impact approach to energy production.

Passenger and airfreight hub

Occupying a 2 040 hectare Greenfield site, Dube TradePort is a master-planned, world-class passenger and airfreight hub. This airport-related project, encircling King Shaka International Airport, is set to become a highly competitive business operating environment – the foundation of an emerging aerotropolis. Dube TradePort, a wholly-owned Government company, is mandated to drive the development of Dube TradeZone, Dube City, Dube Cargo Terminal and Dube AgriZone. Dube TradePort prides itself of being a responsible developer and therefore it has made significant strides in becoming carbon neutral. Thus far Dube TradePort is the only airport precinct which has calculated its carbon foot, which is 181 000 tons per annum. Working with a tangible figure the organization has implemented a number of programs to offset and reduce this amount; this is a process that involves a continuous monitoring and review. The Waste Transformers will add significantly to Dube TradePort’s mission to reduce its carbon footprint.

Lowering operational expenses of waste

This agreement will allow Dube TradePort to convert its own waste into clean energy that will be directly consumed by Dube TradePort itself, thereby lowering the operational expenses of waste management, lowering the purchasing costs of energy, reducing the CO2 footprint, whilst simultaneously living up to its green ambitions.

See: http://www.thewastetransformers.com and http://www.dubetradeport.co.za/