Explainer video: The kind of waste we do(n’t) transform

Energy, nutrients and paper from organic waste. Now that’s circular.
Food waste is a global issue. The Waste Transformers focus on converting organic waste into green energy. We also recover the nutrients in that waste. The waste that is converted in a Waste Transformer is end of pipeline waste, which is no longer fit for human consumption. Once we recover the energy, that is left over is a liquid fertilizer and dry compost.

Stationary from your own organic waste, that’s circular.

In this short movie, Lara explains what goes into a waste transformer and how we up-cycle what comes out into value.

Did you know that you can convert your own organic waste into paper? Perfect for the stationary of your brand. That is circular and responsible entrepreneurship!
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This group of restaurants joins forces to transform their food leftovers and kitchen waste into one of our Waste Transformers. Watch our short movie here.

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