Press release Latin America: Here we come

Live from Colombia! The signing ceremony between The Waste Transformers and the City of Ibague Colombia, in the presence of our Prime Minister of The Netherlands Mark Rutte. We are thrilled to announce: the City of Ibague is the first city in Latin America to deal with their organic waste in a way that is circular and smart. The local market will host its own Waste Transformer on-site, transforming all organic waste from the market into clean energy, heat and a high-quality natural fertilizer to grow the vegetables being sold on that very same market. Many thanks to Internationaal Zakendoen – and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for their support. And, to the Mayor of Ibague Mr. Guillermo Alfonso Jaramillo Martínez and the director of Ibague Limpia for their pioneering spirits.

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This group of restaurants in Amsterdam joins forces to transform their food leftovers and kitchen waste into one of our Waste Transformers. Watch our short movie here.


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