The Waste Transformers secures €5M investment from Green Tower to accelerate commercialisation phase

The Waste Transformers, a leading provider of on-site waste-to-value solutions, is delighted to announce the successful closing of a €5M investment from Green Tower, a pioneering company dedicated to shaping the energy transition. This strategic partnership will fuel the full-scale commercialisation phase of The Waste Transformers’ innovative solutions.

Globally, waste generation has reached approximately 2.2 billion tonnes annually, with an unfortunate rapid growth trajectory. Research reveals that 30% of all Greenhouse Gas Emissions are attributed to food waste. In response to this challenge, The Waste Transformers, a Dutch market leader, has developed cutting-edge “Waste Transformers” solutions. These solutions empower various organizations, including resorts, hospitals, football stadiums, supermarkets, and communities, to take responsibility for their non-avoidable food waste and transform it into value, on-site.

At the heart of The Waste Transformers’ offering is a small-scale, anaerobic digester housed within 20-foot shipping containers. These Waste Transformers convert food waste into biogas, which is then utilized as clean energy for local consumption. Additionally, the process produces fertilizer to support fresh food production. With a commercial track record across Europe, the UAE, and Africa, this new investment will propel The Waste Transformers into the next phase of their growth journey.

The fundraising for The Waste Transformers was supported by NovAzure, a London-based advisory firm specializing in fast-tracking innovation and accelerating the transition towards NetZero and Benvalor, a boutique law firm specialised in venture capital transactions, with a strong focus on advising impact driven entrepreneurs and impact investors.

Green Tower was supported on the buy-side by its sister company Green Giraffe Advisory, specialised in finding innovative capital solutions for the energy transition, and BJTK, a boutique law firm specialised in transactions, renewable projects, finance and restructuring.

Lara van Druten, CEO of The Waste Transformers, expressed her enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “Partnering with a company of Green Tower’s stature will enable us to rapidly scale our operations and amplify the positive impact we have already demonstrated is possible.”

Henri Gouzerh, Managing Director at Green Tower, added, “Our aim is to bring operational excellence and asset finance expertise to The Waste Transformers. With this powerful combination, we expect The Waste Transformers to continue leading us towards a cleaner and carbon-free future.”

For media inquiries or more information, please contact: Coen Bakker, Marketing Manager;

About The Waste Transformers: The Waste Transformers is a Dutch cleantech pioneer, providing on-site innovative technologies to transform unavoidable food waste into sustainable energy and natural fertilisers, enabling local positive change.

About Green Tower: Green Tower is the Green Giraffe Group’s proprietary investment and development arm focused on co-investing, co-developing and co-operating project and corporate seed initiatives in the renewable energy and associated energy transition sectors.


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