Welcoming Paula Bergamini as Project Developer at The Waste Transformers

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Amsterdam, Netherlands, February 12, 2024

In the week of introducing new colleagues, we are delighted to announce the arrival of Paula Bergamini to our Project Management Team as a Project Developer. With a rich background in Engineering Project Management, Industrial Design, Polymers Technology, and Materials Engineering, Paula brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our company. 

Paula’s professional journey spans over 12 years in the automotive industry at Continental AG, where she held various roles including R&D Industrial Designer and Industrial Project Manager across different sites in Brazil and Germany. However, driven by a desire to make a more significant impact to reduce the negative impact on climate change, Paula transitioned to LM Wind Power, a GE Renewable business, where she spearheaded new technology implementation projects in the Americas for blade production in Eolic turbines. 

Throughout her career, Paula has excelled in working in global teams, ensuring timely implementation of projects while prioritizing cost efficiency, technology readiness, health and safety compliance, risk mitigation, and continuous improvement. Her adeptness in handling intercultural matters and stakeholders, coupled with her commitment to providing comprehensive documentation, has been instrumental in supporting operational excellence. 

Paula’s interest in recycling became a driving force in her professional journey. The innovative on-site solution offered by The Waste Transformers for food waste valorization resonated deeply with her. The opportunity to utilize food waste to empower communities without access to energy from food waste, perfectly summarized Paula’s passion for engineering, sustainability, and social responsibility. 

At The Waste Transformers, Paula will use her extensive experience from working with large corporations to contribute to the growth and operational structure of the company. Her dedication to delivering mature and robust technologies aligns perfectly with our mission of creating a positive impact on society, through on-site food waste valorization.  

About The Waste Transformers

The Waste Transformers is a Dutch company that specializes in the design and installation of small-scale biodigesters that are placed at organizations that produce food waste. Food waste is converted into clean energy that organizations can use themselves, generated by these modular biodigesters. The natural fertilizers from food waste are a valuable and sustainable alternative to polluting chemical fertilizers. The biodigesters are produced in Velsen-Noord. The company is active internationally, within Europe, Africa, South America and the Middle East.

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