Speaking at Arabian Travel Market about food waste and branding

Food waste remains a pressing and commonly unknown problem in the world of hospitality. However, our Marketing Manager, Coen Bakker, is set to address this issue at the upcoming Arabian Travel Market in Dubai on May 7th.

Coen will be speaking at the session titled “Build your own brand voice,” as part of the event’s theme, “Transforming Travel Through Entrepreneurship.” Arabian Travel Market 2024 aims to shine a spotlight on innovators who are reshaping the travel and tourism sector.

ATM 2024 will provide a platform to empower the global travel and tourism community to harness entrepreneurship, to catalyze innovation, increase revenues, and maximize sustainability over the long term. It’s a golden opportunity for professionals to share ideas and collaborate in an open space.

This event is not just a conference; it’s a gathering where travel professionals from around the world come together to elevate the future of the industry. We are looking forward to inspire, inform and educate the future leaders of the hospitality world to valorize food waste streams on-site, find answers to these challenges around proper waste management systems to create new opportunities for sustainable growth for every hotel producing food waste.

Join us at the Arabian Travel Market as we take steps towards addressing food waste and shaping the future of travel. See you there on May 7th at 2 PM at the Future Stage!


About The Waste Transformers: The Waste Transformers is a Dutch cleantech pioneer, providing on-site innovative technologies to transform unavoidable food waste into sustainable energy and natural fertilisers, enabling local positive change.

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